‘Drug Distributor’ And His Girlfriend Appear In Bizarre Set Of Mugshots After Being Busted For Transporting $1 Million Worth Of Drugs

A ‘drug distributor’ and his girlfriend appeared in a bizarre set of mugshots after reportedly being arrested on suspicion of transporting $1 million worth of methamphetamine from Arizona. 

Lucas Jay Madison, 39, appeared alongside his girlfriend Katherine Byrd Campbell, 32, in a bizarre set of mugshots after being arrested on suspicion of transporting drugs from Arizona.

Whilst Madison appears defeated and glum, his girlfriend is sporting an extremely bizarre hairstyle which is partially shaven and patchy with what appears to be some type of deflated mohawk in the centre, there are then wild turfs on the sides.

Campbell, from Rochester, also has a thick and messy attempt at eyeliner on lids, as she sits for her mugshot in a hoodie.

Credit: Rice County Jail
Credit: Rice County Jail

On April 14, the couple was busted after an investigation was initiated by the Cannon River Drug and Violent Offender Task Force (CRDVOTF), as they had learnt that Madison had been making frequent visits between states and was bringing back large quantities of illegal substances in the process.

The couple was tracked down after the agents managed to determine that they had spotted their vehicle and they were then followed from the air and on the ground.

On the I-35 in Rice County, the agents conducted a traffic stop on the couple and a K9 alerted the offices to the passenger compartment where they discovered a large quantity of suspected methamphetamine.

When a warrant was obtained, the cops then went on to search the rest of the vehicle and the couple was arrested.

Whilst pending arraignment, Madison and Campbell were both held at the Rice County Jail and a detailed search of the vehicle then found that they had been transporting methamphetamine that weighed over 25 pounds with packaging. If this gram level was sold on the street, it would be worth around $1 million.

In relation to the investigation, agents managed to seize over $17,000 of drugs.

Agents managed to seize over $17,000 of drugs. Credit: Wikipedia

The agents’ case was the substantiated by evidence such as travel documents, boarding passes and car rental agreements, as it proved that Madison had indeed been making the trips for a long period of time, all in order to obtain drugs with the intention to then sell onto dealers.

CRDVOTF Commander Paul LaRoche said: “It is unfortunate that criminal activity like this occurs, even more so during these trying times in our society.”

“This case, in particular, was a large scale investigation involving multiple law enforcement partners, I am proud of how well all worked together to intercept this large quantity of meth and prevent it from being distributed in our state.”

Madison has since been charged with a Controlled Substance Crime in the 1st Degree with enhancements for aggravating factors and importing across state borders. He is currently in jail with a bond of $1 million.

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