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Dunkin’ Donuts Employee Goes Viral After Posting Payslip

A Dunkin' Donuts employee has gone viral after posting a video of his payslip which show much he was paid for '73 hours of work'. 
Credit: @scorchedearthcorey/TikTok

A Dunkin’ Donuts employee has gone viral after posting a video of his payslip which show much he was paid for ’73 hours of work’. 

Taking to TikTok, @scorchedearthcorey went on a ‘rant,’ claiming he ‘doesn’t get paid enough to take customers bulls***,’ before showing his payslip of $875.28 for 72.94 hours of work, at $12 an hour.

He said: “I just want you to look at this because for some reason some people think that other people are there to entertain them. 

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Dunkin' donuts payslip
The employee posted a picture of his payslip on TikTok. Credit @scorchedearthcorey/TikTok

“This is my main source of income, to pay child support. Do you think with my 73 hours of f**king misery and bulls***, that you should come and try to bother me more?

“People think customer service is end-all-be-all. Let me explain something to you: I do not get paid enough to listen to you. 

“I do not get paid enough to take your bulls***, I do not get paid enough for you to treat me like I’m your entertainment.”

The clip has now amassed almost 360,000 views and over 30,000 likes. 

Users took to the comments section to share their shock at the ‘shocking’ amount he was paid. 

One viewer commented: “Not even $900 for 73 hours work?” While another added: “People are focused on ‘find a better job’. This pay should not exist for anyone. It’s an unlivable wage and unethical.” 

Another added: “And people still say wages don’t need to increase. There’s literally no reason for anyone to work full time and not be able to pay rent.” 

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However, other’s disagreed with the TikToker’s rant, saying he ‘chose’ to work for that amount of money. 

One person commented: “You agreed to a $12 an hour job. They told you this is the wage before you accept the position.” 

Another said: “I mean go into a trade or go to college. Dunkin’ isn’t meant for a wage to live off of. Want more money? Learn a trade, don’t complain.” 

Both Dunkin’ and @scorchedearthcorey haven’t issued any further comments at the time of writing. 

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