Duolingo Branded ‘Insensitive’ Over Amber Heard ‘Joke’

Duolingo Amber Heard: The language learning brand has faced a backlash over its 'joke' about the actress.
Credit: @duolingo/TikTok & Alamy

Duolingo has been branded ‘insensitive’ over an Amber Heard ‘joke’ made on TikTok. 

It all started when the language learning app took to the platform and reportedly commented on a clip from the 36-year-old’s testimony.

In it, the actress claimed: “He is an abuser. You can look either of us up online and figure out who’s being abused online.”

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Commenting on the post, Duolingo apparently said: “Y’all think Amber watches TikTok?”

Although the comment has since been deleted, it has sparked widespread criticism.

Taking to Twitter, one person said: “On what planet does a brand – even @duolingo think it’s cool to crack jokes about an alleged victim of domestic violence?”

“Who is running your media? This is disgusting. Whether Amber is a victim (SHE IS) joking about DV in any context is appalling,” another added. “Millions of people experience this every day.”

A third pitched in, writing: “The Depp fandom bubble on TikTok is very real but no brand should get anywhere near it.”

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Duolingo made a joke about Amber Heard.
Duolingo’s comment caused controversy on social media. Credit: @nbcnews/TikTok

According to The Tab, the person behind the ‘joke’ has apologised in a statement.

The apology reads: “I made a mistake. It’s deleted and I’m listening. I’m 24 – a year out of college – managing an account that I didn’t expect to grow how it did and learning social responsibility on a curve.

“Taking full ownership. It’s an early career lesson for me and I’m learning to be better.”

A separate user has since blasted the company for forcing a single employee to take ‘responsibility,’ writing: “I would love to know if/why @duolingo has a single employee taking on the role of publicly apologising for this f*** up (and facing the subsequent backlash) when the original comment came from its brand.”

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Written by Aimee Walker

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