Dying Buffalo Uses Final Moment To Gore Hunter And Has Severely Wounded His Leg

A dying buffalo decided to use its final moment to act revenge by goring its hunter and as a result, the hunter has severely wounded his leg.

Whilst out bow hunting, Chris McSherry was ambushed by an 800kg beast and narrowly escape with his life intact. He was thrown in the air around 300 feet and was gored twice.

The 35-year-old had been in the northeast of the Northern Territory of Port Bradshaw when he spotted the buffalo and after shooting several arrows, the avid hunter assumed that he must have killed the creature.

However, upon closer inspection, the dad of five was attacked as the buffalo made an unexpected and sudden dart towards him.

Using its dying moments, Chris said that the beast rushed towards him, determined to seek revenge.

Credit: Facebook

He told NT News: “I managed to turn and get about three steps in before he was on my back and gored his horns into my upper thigh, pushing me forward.

“That’s when I hit the ground and he put the horns into me again, picked me up by the right leg and flung me about three metres.”

Once the buffalo reached Chris, it wrestled him to the ground and then pinned him with its horns.

Fortunately for Chris, he managed to make a lucky escape by rolling away from the buffalo, who died just minutes later.

Although he survived, Chris had suffered severe wounds in the process and had to be rushed to Gove Hospital and then flown over to Darwin Hospital to be operated on. Due to the horrific wounds on his legs, he would need surgery.

Credit: Facebook

He said: “The buffalo left me with some decent wounds, there’s a Coke can-sized hole above the front of my knee and an eight-inch gash right under my bum”.

In his twenty years of hunting, Chris said that this isn’t the first occasion where he has just about avoided death.

Whilst out on a spearfishing trip, he was charged at by a crocodile.

Across all states in Australia, domestic water buffalo are hunted down and farmed for meat and hides.

In the country, it is estimated that there are around 300,000 active hunters and shockingly, this invests $556,650,000 into the economy.

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