Eamonn Holmes Shocks GB News Viewers As Fans Ask If He’s ‘Had A Facelift’ 

Eamonn Holmes, who recently joined GB News, has shocked fans with his debut, as they are convinced he 'might have had a facelift'. 
Credit: @eamonnholmes/Instagram
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Eamonn Holmes shocked viewers with his debut on GB News earlier this week and left fans asking if he has ‘had a facelift’. 

Many took to Twitter to claim they ‘hardly recognised’ the 62-year-old, who joined the news channel after 15 years of presenting on This Morning, alongside his wife, Ruth Langsford.

One person tweeted: “Just put @GBNEWS on and hardly recognised Eamonn Holmes. Has he had a face lift?

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“I tend to think it’s more noticeable on men and his face definitely looks quite taut and less jowelly than I remember. His face, his money, just wondering if anyone knew.”

Another chimed in: “Of course we noticed! The poor old thing has been rebuilt! Looking at the uneven mouth, raised eyebrows, and inability to think I would hazard a guess that this was an economy job.” 

However, others weren’t so convinced, and suggested that the TV presenter may have just ‘lost weight’.

Defending Holmes, one person commented: “I’m usually the first to notice these things and I never thought that.

“To me, it just looks like you’ve lost weight in the face that’s all. We all do that naturally anyway as we mature. You certainly don’t look ‘unrecognisable’. You look like yourself and you look very good.” 

Another added: “Well you are definitely looking better than the last time I saw you on TV, so if you haven’t had any work done just take it as a compliment.” 

Eamonn Holmes Fears ‘Woke’ Brigade Will Have Him ‘Sacked’ From ‘This Morning’

Eamon Holmes
Eamonn Holmes fans are convinced he ‘might have had a face lift’. Credit: GB News

Last year, Holmes announced that he would be leaving ITV and joining GB News as he believed the news channel was providing the ‘shake-up the industry needs’.

His statement read: “I’ve spent my career on broadcasting firsts and start-ups and GB News is one of the most exciting yet. It’s just the kind of shake-up the industry needs.

“I’ve admired GB News from the beginning for its clever mix of punchy debate but delivered with warmth and even some fun.”

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