Eamonn Holmes Fears ‘Woke’ Brigade Will Have Him ‘Sacked’ From ‘This Morning’

Eamonn Holmes reportedly fears that the 'woke' brigade will have him sacked from his presenting job on This Morning. 
Credit: @eamonnholmes/Instagram & ITV

Eamonn Holmes reportedly fears that the ‘woke’ brigade will have him sacked from his presenting job on This Morning

The 61-year-old, who often hosts the show alongside his wife, Ruth Langsford, told the Daily Star he constantly worries about coming off as ‘offensive’.

He told the publication: “It’s a minefield, it’s a total worry all the time.

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“I don’t wake up in the morning and say, ‘I’m going to say something offensive to somebody’.

“I know I’m the most tolerant, caring, open-minded person but that doesn’t stop me saying that something is wrong or right, or having a joke.

“But there are people who wake up wanting to be offended and they literally want you sacked.”

Holmes then said that people need to ‘stand up’ to those enforcing ‘woke-ness’.

“I do think we need him to stand up to woke,” he stated.

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Eamonn Holmes
Eamonn Holmes worries he will lose his job on This Morning due to the ‘woke’ brigade. Credit: @eamonnholmes/Instagram

The presenter has come under fire several times in recent months.

While interviewing a woman with the ‘world’s biggest cheeks,’ he made a comment that some people found ‘uncomfortable’ to watch.

Chatting to Anastasia Pokreshchuk, from Kiev, Ukraine, he asked whether she was happy with her appearance.

In response, she said: “I am very happy. I am looking from my pictures from two years ago and I think I was ugly.

“Maybe you don’t like how you look now, but you can change it no problem.”

She added: “I [didn’t] like my face, I looked like a hamster, I like a slim face. I was a hamster; my cheeks were lower.”

To viewers’ horror, he then asked: “You like to look like a hamster?”

Awkwardly, the model shook her head and clarified what she meant.

After watching the segment, many people took to Twitter and told Holmes he came off as ‘rude’ and ‘mean’.

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