Egyptian Man, 35, Defends Age Gap Relationship With 80-Year-Old British Gran

An Egyptian man has lashed out at those who believe he is the “toyboy” of his fiancé – who is 45 years his senior – and insists that his love for the British gran is genuine. 

Last year, British gran Iris Jones, from Somerset, was swept off her feet by 35-year-old Mohamed Ahmed Ibriham and determined to be with him, she flew off to Egypt. Although the couple is keen to tie the knot, this has been something that they have been unable to do.

At the beginning of this year, the 80-year-old grandma made hosts of This Morning, Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield blush when she described how spending the first night with Mohamed had been a night of passion and had left her “saddle sore”, despite “entire tube of KY jelly” being used.

Credit: Iris Jones

Once again, Iris has appeared on the daytime television but this time all the way from Cairo, where she is spending time with her fiancé.

In the interview, Mohamed was determined to defend their relationship and couldn’t help but burst into an angry rant at the thought of people thinking his love wasn’t genuine. He said if anyone doubted his feelings for Iris, they should “go to hell”.

Despite his rant, Mohamed didn’t give an answer when he was quizzed by the hosts on why it was he was so keen to marry Iris. Instead, he introduced himself to viewers and clarified that he is very much in love with his fiancé.

Credit: ITV

He said: “Hello everyone in the studio. I am Mohamed, I am an Egyptian man, I have engineering of courses, I meet Iris online.

“We chatted, we chatted, she wants to come to Egypt to see the pyramids, I meet her, I found Iris understood me and comforted me.”

Irritated by the fascination and questions about his relationship, he then went on to say: “The love does not know any difference between age, or countries this is our life, Iris chose me and I chose Iris.”

He added: “I want to say for all the people who attack our love, it’s none of your business, focus your lives, go to hell. That is all.

“I am angry about saying on the media, people say I am a toyboy. I am a man, I am a man, okay? I am a man, not a toyboy. I am not [a] game, please do not say that again.”

Proud of his passionate rant, Iris interjected: “Normally Mohamed is very shy when he’s speaking, he’s not shy in bed.”

Host Holly then asked Iris how Mohamed had felt about her previous interview on the This Morning show, and asked whether or not he approved of how much she had shared.

The gran answered: “He said ‘Why was I so graphic?’. Because I speak the truth.

“I have a tube of KY jelly with me this time, I haven’t used it I might go back to the shop and get my money back.”

Credit: Iris Jones

Many viewers said on social media that they had been left confused by the rant and didn’t understand why Mohamed had listed off facts about himself like he was “reeling off his CV” when asked about why he wanted to marry Iris.

In a discussion with MailOnline earlier this year, Mohamed said: “It might seem a bit strange having a wife who is 20 years older than your mother but that’s love. It makes you blind.

“When you are a man and you fall in love with a woman, it doesn’t matter how old she is or what she looks like.”

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