Twitter ‘Give In’ To Elon Musk’s Latest Demand For Data Access

Elon Musk Twitter Staff: The Tesla CEO has reportedly sent a warning to Twitter employees over his 'expectations'. 
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Twitter will reportedly comply with Elon Musk’s latest demand for access to 500 million tweets daily. 

After supposedly denying the request at first, The Washington Post claims the company has given in to end a ‘stand off’ which could have seen the billionaire pull out the rumoured $44 bn sale.

The outlet reports that Musk’s team said the reason he needs the access is to ‘evaluate how many fake or spam accounts’ there are on the platform.

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However, the company allegedly tried to block the access, as they believed the Space X founder was using it to ‘try negotiate’ a lower price for the company.

Lawyers from the firm Skadden Arps, who represent him, said: “Twitter’s latest offer to simply provide additional details regarding the company’s own testing methodologies, whether through written materials or verbal explanations, is tantamount to refusing Mr Musk’s data requests.”

A spokesperson for the company previously released a statement about the issue which read: “Twitter has and will continue to cooperatively share information with Mr Musk to consummate the transaction in accordance with the terms of the merger agreement.

It continued: “We believe this agreement is in the best interest of all shareholders. We intend to close the transaction and enforce the merger agreement at the agreed price and terms.”

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Musk opened up about his reasoning for purchasing the company on the Met Gala red carpet and explained why he did this instead of donating the money to charity.

One reporter asked the billionaire: “There are some critics who have spoken out and said, ‘Why didn’t you use the money you purchased Twitter with to do something for charity, philanthropy?’”

In response, he argued his intention was to ‘do good’ for the world with the purchase.

The 50-year-old explained: “Well I do a lot of things philanthropically and really my companies are intended to do good for the future of humanity.”

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