Elon Musk Angers Twitter Users Over Donald Trump Plans

Elon Musk Donald Trump: The Tesla CEO has angered Twitter users with his Donald Trump plans.
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Elon Musk has angered Twitter users with his Donald Trump plans. 

The billionaire has reportedly told the Financial Times Future of the Car summit that he believes the social media platform’s ban on the former US president is ‘morally wrong and flat-out stupid’.

Musk, who is still working out his official deal regarding Twitter, is believed to have commented: “I would reverse the permanent ban but I don’t own Twitter yet so this is not a thing that will definitely happen.”

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He pointed out that although Trump has been banned from the site, he hasn’t been silenced and the ban has only made him more determined to voice his opinions.

Apparently, the Tesla CEO has spoken to Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey regarding the ban on people posting offensive tweets.

Musk added: “He and I are of the same mind that permanent bans should be extremely rare and reserved for accounts that are bots or scam accounts.”

The 50-year-old reportedly believes the ban on Trump is an example of the company’s leftist ‘bias,’ due to its origin in San Francisco.

Following his takeover, he wants it to be ‘more even-handed’.

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After hearing Musk’s plans, Dr Catherine Flick, who is an expert in computing and social responsibility at De Montfort University, has shared her thoughts.

She reportedly told BBC’s Today programme that her team has ‘very strong evidence to suggest [Musk] is completely wrong’.

Flick explained: “Removing Donald Trump from Twitter actually decreased the amount of polarisation.

“It removed a platform for him to stoke animosity and division between people within the platform.”

The expert added that a ‘lot of people’ are concerned about what else Musk has in store for Twitter.

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