Elon Musk Shares Reason He ‘Spent $44Billion On Twitter Instead Of Donating To Charity’

Elon Musk Twitter Staff: The Tesla CEO has reportedly sent a warning to Twitter employees over his 'expectations'. 
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Elon Musk has shared the reason he decided to ‘spend $44billion on Twitter‘ instead of donating the money to charity. 

The SpaceX founder appeared at the Met Gala, alongside his mum, and told reporters that his aim was ‘to grow the future of humanity’.

However, one interviewee questioned Musk on his previous vow to donate $6billion to the United Nations in order to solve the world hunger crisis.

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They reportedly asked the billionaire: “There are some critics who have spoken out and said, ‘Why didn’t you use the money you purchased Twitter with to do something for charity, philanthropy?'”

In response, Musk said in some way, his purchase was intended to ‘do good’ for the world.

He explained: “Well I do a lot of things philanthropically and really my companies are intended to do good for the future of humanity.”

The Tesla CEO went on to say that his company aims to ‘accelerate the advent of sustainable transport and energy,’ while SpaceX will be there ‘providing internet to the least served people around the world’.

He added: “Aspirationally I am trying to do good for humanity and the future of civilisation.”

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Many fans of Musk have taken to social media and defended him on how he spends his billions.

One wrote: “I don’t know why people attack him so much. As if he were the messiah who should save the world with his money.

“Now because he spent billions on Twitter they criticise him. How many celebrities have tons of money and don’t think about philanthropy?”

“How many times does he have to answer that question?” asked a second. “I don’t see anyone starting a fundraising drive for the homeless or hungry… They just want to opine about what Elon should be doing.”

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