Emily Ratajkowski Reveals Her Opinion On S** On The First Date

Credit: @emrata/Instagram

Emily Ratajkowski has given her opinion on having s** on the first date. 

The ‘Blurred Lines’ model, who has recently faced a ton of backlash over bathtub photos with her one-year-old son, is currently going through a breakup with her husband Sebastian Bear-McClard.

Amid this, she’s been opening up to fans and seemingly hinted at being bisexual.

Divulging even further, Ratajkowski has taken to her podcast, High Low with EmRata, and discussed the ‘power dynamics’ when it comes to dating between men and women.

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On October 31’s episode, she said, via Us Weekly: “I’ve been thinking about this a lot because it speaks so much to power dynamics and s** on the first date is the ultimate example of that.

“Because you’re dealing with gender dynamics in such a specific little vacuum of a moment. I think If you’re not ready to be vulnerable, that is a reason not to have s** on the first date.”

Ratajkowski went on to say that she hates being seen as a goal for men.

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The Gone Girl star explained: “I still hate when I feel like there’s a part of them that feels like, ‘Yeah, I hit that’ kind of vibe.

“Even if they’re not the kind of guy who would say that out loud but you can just feel it. That’s a reason not to sleep with a man.”

The model then reflected on the different types of men there are in the dating world, and she had some pretty strong opinions.

Emily Ratajkowski
Emily Ratajkowski has given her opinion on having s** on the first date. Credit: @emrata/Instagram

“There are babies, there are monsters and then there are baby monsters,” she claimed.

“The babies are the men who need to be tended to and reassured at every turn. The monsters who are like, ‘Sorry that your mom died but want to come over?’. And then the third are the worst… and those are the men that I can’t handle.

“They need reassurance, they need to be cradled and suckle at the teat. But then they’re also like, ‘Leave me alone though, woman’.”

Elsewhere in the podcast, Ratajkowski admitted that she does look for physical intimacy when searching for a partner.

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She said: “I go on these dates and it’s not like I’m going to sleep with someone and then I’m more vulnerable to fall in love, but I feel more.

“If I don’t sleep with them, I think about them less. I can forget them in three days.”

She added: “I think the conclusion we’ve come to is that you should do whatever the hell you want to do. But knowing what it is that you want to do is really hard. That’s the hard work.”

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