Emily Ratajkowski Faces Furious Backlash Over ‘Wrong’ Photo With Gender-Neutral Baby

Emily Ratajkowski is facing a backlash from fans after sharing a series of 'wrong' photos with her gender-neutral baby.
Credit: @emrata/Instagram

Emily Ratajkowski is facing a backlash from fans after sharing a series of ‘wrong’ photos with her gender-neutral baby.

The model, who recently joked about the fact she’s ‘always breastfeeding,’ has also been criticised by Piers Morgan who has fumed ‘that’s now how you hold a baby!’.

Ratajkowski captioned the Instagram post: “Bday eve with the dream vacation partner.”

Emily Ratajkowski Shares First Glimpse Of Gender-Neutral Baby’s Face

Emily Ratajkowski
Emily Ratajkowski is facing criticism over how she’s ‘holding her gender-neutral baby’. Credit: @emrata/Instagram

In one of the snapshots, the 30-year-old can be seen holding Sylvester Apollo Bear on her hip, while her arm grips onto them.

However, many people have pointed out that the baby’s neck and head do not look supported. 

One follower commented: “No to mum police but the way Emily Ratajkowski is holding her baby in that one picture is anxiety-inducing.”

Another said: “You know the anxiety you feel when you see little kids manhandling their pets? Yeah, that’s how I feel about Emily holding living things.”

“A baby is not an accessory for Instagram,” a third remarked. 

The photo didn’t just spark criticism over the way the model held her baby, but also by the fact that fans couldn’t get over how she looked in a bikini after just giving birth a few months ago.

Many people argued that it could help create unrealistic expectations for post-partum women. 

One fan wrote: “Please tell how Emily got her pre-baby body back within three months of giving birth.”

Another user added: “How does Emily look like that after a pregnancy. She’s INSANE.”

Ratajkowski has now disabled comments on the Instagram post, but this hasn’t stopped social media users from sharing their thoughts on the photo.

On Twitter, a user remarked: “Hey @emrata, are comments turned off on your latest Insta post because you know you’re holding your baby dangerously and don’t want people to talk about it?”

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