Emily Ratajkowski Claims Casting Agent Told Her She Was ‘Too Sexy’ Aged 13

Emily Ratajkowski, who has previously claimed she's had a 'sexualised childhood,' has now alleged that when she was just 13 years old, a casting agent told her she was 'too sexy'. 
Credit: @emrata/Instagram

Emily Ratajkowski, who recently opened up about her ‘sexualised childhood,’ has alleged that a casting agent told her she was ‘too sexy’ when she was just 13 years old.

In her collection of feminist essays, titled ‘My Body,’ the model discussed how she has always felt like an ‘object of male desire’.

The ‘Blurred Lines’ star penned: “I was a child… But somehow already an expert in detecting male desire, even if I didn’t completely understand what to make of it.

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She claims the unnamed man said: “Now this is the look… This is how we know this girl gets f***ed.”

Elsewhere in her book, she discusses how her parents would often make her appearance the main ‘focus’ in her life.

Describing her teen years, she wrote: “I’ve never prayed much…But I do remember that as a young girl I prayed for beauty. Beauty was a way for me to be special.

“When I was special, I felt my parents’ love for me the most… It seemed important to them both, especially to my mother, that their daughter be perceived as beautiful.”

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Emily Ratajkowski
Emily Ratajkowski has claimed that she’s been the ‘object of male desire’ since a young age. Credit: @emrata/Instagram

After making it as a ‘sex symbol,’ the 30-year-old claimed that she would often receive criticism from other women who accused her of being ‘anti-feminist’ from making a living from her appearance.

Defending her career, Ratajkowki hit back, saying: “To me, girls sexualising themselves wasn’t the issue as feminists and anti-feminists would have you believe…

“But shaming them was. Why were we the ones being asked to adjust? To cover up and apologise for our bodies?

“I was feeling tired of apologising for the way I presented myself.”

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