Eminem ‘Cultural Appropriation’ Claim As Video Resurfaces

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Eminem is being called out for ‘cultural appropriation’ after an old music video has resurfaced.

In the 2004 D12 song ‘My Band,’ the rapper, along with the other members of the group, is seen dressed like a Mariachi Band.

Eminem also uses the lyrics: “Salsa makes all the pretty girls want to dance and get in their underpants.”

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Despite the song coming out almost 20 years ago, people on Twitter have recently come across the video and are not happy about the lyrics and the attire of the band.

One person commented: “I like Eminem but he does get passes they can’t nobody else get.”

Someone else wrote: “I wonder why these folks aren’t demanding an apology from Eminem.”

“How come there’s no outrage in the Latino community for Eminem doing this huh?” a third questioned. 

However, most people on social media have seen the funny side of this story, and have defended the rapper.

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On Twitter, one user posted: “As a member of the Hispanic community we really don’t give that much of a s*** enough to cancel someone.”

Someone else said: “Okay so it’s really late to try and cancel Eminem for this, people change over time. Second of all he is wearing a Spanish matador costume, or as we call them here ‘toreros’ and also I am from Spain and honestly the video does not offend me at all, I even like it.”

One fan defended him by stating: “The world knew what comedy was back then when they seen it! Laughed and moved on.”

This discussion has only reemerged due to the rapper Tyga getting a fair share of criticism on social media for dressing in a similar attire in his music video ‘Ay Caramba’. 

‘My Band’ was nominated for three MTV awards in 2004, however, it did not win anything.

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