Emma Thompson Sparks Debate With ‘Fat Suit’ In ‘Matilda’ Remake

Emma Thompson 'Fat Suit': The actress has sparked a debate by wearing a 'fat suit' in the upcoming Matilda remake. 
Credit: Alamy & Netflix/Sony

Emma Thompson has sparked a debate by wearing a ‘fat suit’ in the upcoming Matilda remake. 

The 63-year-old actress’s costume in the Netflix musical was recently revealed in the trailer, and people are branding it ‘degrading and dehumanising’.

After watching the preview, one tweeted: “It has been really disappointing to see Emma Thompson put on a fat suit for this role. I’ve always loved her work. But this is just so gross.”

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“The new Matilda adaptation looks fun but did we have to put Emma Thompson in a fat suit with facial prosthetics?” another questioned. “I’m sure there are thousands of talented actresses that could play Miss Trunchball who actually fit the role’s body type.”

In agreement, a third said: ‘It’s a shame that those in charge decided to put her in a fat suit, demonising fat people in media yet again! in so many remakes they change things, if they wanted Emma Thompson that bad maybe they could’ve had her as is.”

Others took to the social media platform and defended Thompson’s casting, arguing that people were taking it ‘too seriously’.

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“t’s based on a book. She is an actor and the story is fiction. Is this what we’ve come to? Attacking an actor for acting and changing what pretend characters look like? So many more important things to focus on instead of this,” one fumed.

A second commented: “For goodness sake, we have now no humour about anything. We can’t enjoy a film without analysing everything to death and making it political! Can people just stop judging everything? It’s a film. Emma Thompson is another human being who does not have to be perfect all the time.”

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