Eric Trump ‘Confession’ About Dad Goes Viral

Eric and Donald Trump.
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Eric Trump has made a ‘confession’ and revealed perhaps more than he’d intended about his father Donald’s running of the White House.

Talking to Fox News in the wake of the 45th President’s Mar-a-Lago estate being raided by the FBI, Eric Trump said Joe Biden must have signed off on the raid – as that’s how it was when his dad was in charge.

He said: “But this is the system. And make no mistake Jesse, I know the White House as well as anyone – I spent a lot of time there.

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“I know the system; this did not happen without Joe Biden‘s explicit approval. The White House approved of this.”

Trump went on to say that his father, who was in New York at the time, did not know about the raid until after it had happened.

He continued: “Mark my words Jesse; it will come out. I love – you see the press secretary out there today. We had no knowledge of this at all; give me a break.

“A field office wouldn’t take… they wouldn’t think about doing this without the sign-off of the President of the United States.

“This is raiding one of the most famous houses on planet Earth, one of the most famous people, probably the most famous person on planet Earth. Give me a break.”

According to Indy100, Presidents of recent times have always tended to distance themselves from ‘Justice Department operations’ that could have ‘political connotations’.

The White House has said that Biden found out about the Mar-a-Lago raid in the same way everyone else did, through the media, say Reuters.

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However, Trump appeared to point out that this wasn’t how Donald’s White House was run, which didn’t go unnoticed on social media.

One person tweeted: “Partly thanks to Glasser and Baker, we know tons of things can happen without [the] president’s approval. 

“Like peaceful resolution to [the] Lafayette Square crisis. 

“Thank goodness our officers are able to disobey illegal orders like Trump’s.”

“Every accusation is a confession,” said another.

A third noted: “So unintentionally telling. Ya see, gumbo, that’s how it worked in the White House when ya dad, Cheeto Jaba, gurgled and slothed and lounged his way thru the place. This is not, in fact, how it works in a normal White House.”

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