Ex-Beauty Queen ‘Stabbed Supermarket Worker Whilst Shouting She Hates Women’

Former Miss Ulyanovsk and Russian model Natalya Dolganovskaya has been accused of stabbing a supermarket worker in a “random” knifing attack whilst she shouted that she hates women. 

Natalya Dolganovskaya, an ex-beauty queen in Russia, has been accused of carrying out a “random knife attack” on a supermarket worker.

Allegedly, the 32-year-old was shouting “I hate women!” as she repeatedly stabbed the victim in the fruit and vegetable aisle.

In 2005, the suspect was crowned Miss Ulyanovsk and was well-known in the area as a local model.

In the disturbing CCTV footage captured, the supermarket worker can be seen being stabbed in a Gulliver supermarket, in Ulyanovsk, which is a city on the Volga river.

The CCTV footage shows that the 36-year-old saleswoman was approached from behind and then suddenly she was stabbed. She then fell to the ground and Dolganovskaya continually stabbed her.

The 36-year-old saleswoman was approached from behind and then suddenly she was stabbed.

In an attempt to defend herself the supermarket worker fended off the knife attack whilst a member of staff and customer came to her aid.

The worker bravely grabbed the knife from the attacker and the group scuffled to the floor.

The victim managed to crawl away but a trail of blood followed behind her.

A shopper tried to help stem the blood streaming from her knife wounds until the paramedics arrived.

Meanwhile, the suspect was shown calmly walking away from the scene, past the victim and her rescuers.

The victim was taken to an intensive care unit where she was treated for several wounds to her head, face, neck, hands and spine. According to reports, her injuries were not life-threatening.

The ex-beauty queen was detained by police and members of Russia’s Investigative Committee after she attempted to flee from the scene.

A witness said that the local model “suddenly went berserk in the supermarket”.

Dolganovskaya worked in a store that was owned by her ex-husband. 

Dolganovskaya won her beauty crown at the age of 18 and not long after married a local tycoon, politician Vadim Dolganovsky. However, the marriage ended after six years.

The pair never had any children whilst together.

After the split, Dolganovskaya continued to work in a store that was owned by her ex-husband.

The ex-beauty queen’s friend said that she was struggling to get her life back on track after the failed married – yet her ex-husband had met someone else and remarried.

Elena Pimenova, the suspect’s mother, told NTV that her daughter was being held by police and that Dolganovskaya had told her: “I have a feeling that some demons have clung to me.”

The incident is being treated by law enforcement as a random and unprovoked knife attack.

In a statement it was said: “The Investigative Committee in Ulyanovsk region has opened a criminal case into the attempted murder of a resident of Ulyanovsk.”

Detectives are continuing “to establish all the circumstances of the incident”.

Forensic examinations have now been carried out and an assessment is underway in which the suspect’s mental health state will be studied.

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