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Face Tattoo Caused Woman To Be ‘Fired’ From Job

Face Tattoo 'Fired': The inking reportedly caused the woman to be 'fired' from her job. 
Credit: @deepdarksorrow/TikTok

A face tattoo reportedly caused a woman to be ‘fired’ from her job. 

Alexis Creighton, from Canada, decided to get an inking of a tiny star on the side of her face.

Before going through with it, she apparently checked in with her boss at the restaurant where she worked who told her ‘it wouldn’t be appreciated’.

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The face tattoo reportedly caused the woman to be ‘fired’ from her job. Credit: @deepdarksorrow/TikTok

The 22-year-old reportedly told The Sun US: “After I asked for permission, my employer said that it was okay, though it wouldn’t be appreciated.

“Because it was only going to be one star… it was okay because it wasn’t considered inappropriate or rude.”

Creighton told the publication that just moments before she planned to get the face tattoo, she was notified by her boss that she had been ‘fired’.

Apparently, they told her that it was down to the fact she lived too far away. Yet it happened to be the exact same day she’d revealed her plans to them about the inking.

Creighton told The Sun US that when she had taken on the job, she had already two tattoos (with one being visible on her arm).

However, her employers were reportedly impressed with her work ethic and had never mentioned anything about her other inkings.

Despite ‘losing’ her job, the Canadian said she doesn’t regret having it done, adding: “I’ve always wanted to be covered in tattoos, my love for tattoos is permanent whereas me working there definitely wasn’t.

“I planned on leaving eventually, not as soon but since I’ve been fired I’ve had multiple job offers since.

“When a door closes and a window opens!”

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