Facebook Has Launched A Dating App Which Is Available In 20 Countries

Despite Facebook already connecting billions of people across the planet, they have never provided a specific service which allows people to find their next hookup or potential romantic partner… until now. 

Facebook Dating will allow you to meet budding matches based on your Facebook activity. The service will depend on your dating preferences, mutual friends, groups, and even events you’re attending to find the possible love of your life.

Available to users over the age of 18, the dating app will appear within in a new tab in the Facebook mobile app. Those who opt into dating can separate the profile from their main Facebook profile account at the tap of a button.

The app will give you even more opportunities to meet potential romantic partners among friends of friends, or if that sounds completely awkward, people outside of your current friendship network.

Facebook Dating profiles includes information such as your first name, your age, what schools you attended, your job title and your current hometown. This information is all opt-in.

The company has stated that your matches will be based off of your preferences which you can express when creating your profile, along with your interests and general Facebook activities.

Users will be able to narrow their search through an option that includes everyone, women, trans-women, men and trans-men. You can also display your gender identity, which includes cis woman, trans-woman, cis man, trans-man or non-binary.

Facebook Dating allows you to set your preferences, so you’re suited to people you’re more likely to get along with.

The app has borrowed many design elements from another dating app Hinge, which allows you to send ‘likes’ which can correspond along with a message to any profiles you encounter along with the use of the service.

“We didn’t want to include anything around swiping or games. Facebook Dating is about conversations.” stated a company representative.

Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg at the announcement of the app in 2018.

If you’re wondering whether Facebook Dating will actually work… Well, the company’s statistics show that 40 per cent of people are currently unhappy with their present-day dating apps.

Despite not sharing any other statistics, the company has said that it very aware of the app’s success for dating and marriages that have taken place between the app’s users.

The app will include a number of icebreaker questions such as “What does your perfect day look like?” which will help for those who never have any idea what you could possibly say to a complete stranger.

The dating system is also merged with your Facebook groups and events. So if someone who also has a dating profile is attending one of the same events as you, they could potentially show up in your matches.

The “secret crush” feature allows you to add up to nine people.

Your Facebook friends will not be able to see who’s tickled your fancy unless you opt into the “secret crush” feature. This features allow you to express your intrigue in up to nine Facebook friends (or Instagram followers). If the feelings mutual, you will receive a notification to let you know so.

Facebook has decided to step up the Dating system by integrating Instagram. Like Tinder and Hinge, you can add a section to your profile which shows your recent Instagram photos, so they can get a further idea if you have anything in common.

Facebook Dating lets you can add a section to your profile which shows your recent Instagram photos.

In the months to come, the company has said they also plan to let users’ add temporary stories – from both Facebook and Instagram – to your profile. This feature is not yet ready to share, according to the company’s sources.

One of the most important features of Facebook Dating is the powerful feature which protects users’ safety. You will be able to tap a shield icon which shares any upcoming dates with your family and/or friends using Facebook messenger. This will also share your live location for a limited period of time.

Facebook Dating allows you to share your live location with friends and family members so that they know you’re safe.

Facebook Dating has launched today in 20 countries as well as the United States. This includes Brazil, Canada, Chile, Columbia, Ecuador, Guyana, Laos, Malaysia, Mexico, Paraguay, Philippines, Singapore, Suriname, Thailand, Uruguay and Vietnam.

Facebook has informed that the dating app will be available in Europe as of early next year.

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