Family Have Built Private Tiny-House Village Where Each Kid Has Their Own Home!

A family has built themselves a private tiny-house village which means each kid has their own home. 

Five years ago, the Brinks family decided to invest a 21-acre property in Kentucky that cost $57,000, with the plan to turn it into a sustainable tiny house village where their children could each have their own private home.

Keli and Ryan Brinks have a tiny-house which is tucked into a mini-village which has five other equally small homes, all built for their teenage children.

The idea behind the village was to maintain that set of togetherness whilst having that privacy, which the Brink parents thought was especially important as their children were approaching the adolescent years.

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At 280 square feet, the biggest house on the property is the parents’ home which cost just $9,000 to make – making it the most expensive of the lot too.

Kelly told Insider: “We asked for amendments including extra windows, an extra cutout area in the back for an exit door, and real dormers up top to add more natural light.”

Despite being small, the houses don’t lack in space. There’s a ladder beside the fridge which gives the parents access to the lofted bedroom, whilst the bathroom a full-size tub.

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Whilst it’s great for the parents to have that time to unwind, it’s also great for the kids too.

Lennox claims that a lot of people she tells about it think it’s bizarre that she lives in a separate from all her family, but she loves having that extra privacy.

The only downside to the houses appears to be that Lennox and her brother Brodey don’t have bathrooms, which means they have to go outside when they need to have a shower or use the toilet.

Lennox said: “It’s just like having a bedroom. Instead of having hallways, you’re just outside. I like the independence of it. I don’t have to bother my parents with the noise outside either.”

She added: “It’s really not that bad.

“It seems much worse than it is. I just put a coat on if it’s cold or raining. I’ll just bundle up and run over there.”

Twitter: @lennoxbrinks

As well as having separate homes, the village also features a private pool house that measures 180 square feet, a lounge with a decking area and private office. This allows the parents to work from home who both have multiple jobs.

The property even features a barn, chicken coop and goat – which all play a vital role in the family living a sustainable lifestyle.

Twitter: @lennoxbrinks

In total, the Brinks family are paying less than $200 in utilities, which is much cheaper than their previous home in Michigan. Keli informed Insider that the tiny houses help to conserve energy as they’re easier to heat and cool due to the smaller space. Per week, the family only produce one bag of trash.

Keli explained: “The reason we have so little trash is that we try to live by the very important rule of RRRR: refuse, reduce, reuse and recycle.

“We almost always refuse plastic bags for groceries and use cloth bags. We compost almost all our food. We give our produce leftovers to the chickens. We recycle everything that is allowed to be recycled. We rarely use our clothes dryer.

Due to the unique living situation that the kids have been brought up in, Keli likes to hope that it means they’ll live more sustainable when they’re older.

“We have taught them to value the earth and to do their part to take care of it and encourage others to take care of it,” Keli said.

“Family togetherness, fresh air, outdoor exercise, growing and cultivating food, and taking good care of animals so they can take good care of us is what we want them to live for and pass down to the next generations.”

In the meantime, Lennox cannot imagine living anywhere else, or in any different way.

She said: “This isn’t a temporary thing.

“This is a solid home for us.”

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Do you have a story for us? If so, email us at [email protected]. All contact will be treated in confidence.