Farmer ‘Receives Death Threats’ After Asking If Vegan Café Served Cow’s Milk

A farmer has reportedly 'received death threats' after he asked why cow's milk isn’t on the menu at a vegan café. 
Credit: Pexels & Gareth Wyn Jones

A farmer has reportedly ‘received death threats’ after he asked why cow’s milk isn’t on the menu at a vegan café. 

Gareth Wyn Jones, from Wales, decided to create a discussion on Facebook about the perks of drinking both dairy and plant-based milk, reports North Wales Live

He then asked his followers: “Is this Caffi just using plant-based fluids and not using natural local milk? Am I wrong? Can anyone help?”

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The farmer, from Wales, asked people on social media why a vegan café doesn’t serve cow milk. Credit: @cafficlywedog/Instagram

He also attached a series of photos showing Caffi Clywedog’s menu but insisted that he wasn’t targeting that particular business. 

However, his post did not go down well, and he was told by one activist that he ‘better hope and pray I don’t find you’. 

Discussing the abuse, Jones said: “People were saying I put the dogs on them [the café] but that’s not true.

“I wasn’t disrespectful or obnoxious. I didn’t say the café should be shut down, I just asked a simple question.”

The farmer added that although he knows there’s a rise in online debates, he didn’t expect it to go this far. 

To try and tackle the issue, he has reported the incident to the North Wales Police and has warned he will push for a conviction for any threatening individuals. 

“These are the type of people who kill your animals and set your barns on fire,” Gareth told the publication. “They are not to be messed around with. The messages didn’t bother me too much, but my wife was very worried and upset last night.”

The café has also received ‘messages of hatred’ and a ‘surge of unexpected online abuse,’ according to a statement.

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