Fast-Food Worker Fired After Sharing How To Save Money When Ordering

A former fast-food employee has been fired from her job, despite being described as a “great employee”, as she uploaded a video onto TikTok explaining how to save money by ordering from the secret menu.  

A former Chick-fil-A employee, who is known as @anasteeezy on TikTok, has been fired from her job after she shared a viral video spilling the chain’s biggest secrets to saving money when ordering.

On July 22, the TikTok user announced that she would be sharing secret menu items and tricks on “how to get things cheaper” when ordering from Chick-fil-A, as she had this knowledge being an employee of the fast-food restaurant.

To kick things off, she explained how to save money when ordering a Mango Passion Tea.

Although so many people commented and viewed the video, saying that they would be trying out these useful tricks and visiting their local Chick-fil-A, the 19-year-old was fired from her job.

In the viral video, the former employee said: “I work at Chick-fil-A so I’m here to give you all the tips and tricks on secret menus items, how to get things cheaper and just all that.

“And this is only part one.”

In part one, she revealed that you can get more for your money when ordering a Chick-fil-A seasonal Mango Passion Tea, by using a smart trick.

She explained: “Basically, the large — it’s not really a large. So what you’re gonna order, you’re gonna order an Arnold Palmer, which is a tea and lemonade mixture, and you’re gonna ask for four pumps of mango.

“By doing that you literally get double the Mango Passion Tea for literally the same price.”

@anasteeezyMy pleasure y’all??? ##cfahacks ##cfa ##chickfilahacks ##chickfila ##mypleasure ##fyp ##part1♬ original sound – anasteeezy

Following the success of her video, the former fast-food chain worker shared part two, yet it came with a surprising twist.

She said: “Y’all asked, so I’mma deliver. Part two: frosted beverages.”

However, the camera then cuts to her wearing a different outfit and she interjected: “Psych, guys, I thought — I’m actually on my way to get fired now.”

Whilst miming out what had happened, she interpreted that she was a “great employee”, yet she was receiving messages from other Chick-fil-A operators who told her she was about to be fired.

Eventually, she received a call from her boss, notifying her that she would need to return her uniform.

@anasteeezyMy pleasure ??? ##cfa ##cfahacks ##mypleasure ##chickfila ##part2 ##fyp ##foryoupage♬ original sound – anasteeezy

Based on the TikTok user’s video, she appeared confused as to why she would lose her job by sharing money-saving tips with customers of the chain.

As she has now lost her job at the chain, she has continued to share more Chick-fil-A tips and tricks – as she has nothing to lose now.

She advised viewers that when they are ordering the frosted coffee, they make sure to add chocolate syrup, Oreos, vanilla and the original syrup. She then added that customers can also request peach, mango and strawberry syrup with their frosted lemonade.

She revealed: “You can also buy a four-count [chicken] strip and add two buns, each will be 50 cents, and you literally get two sandwiches for the price of one.”

Kids meal toys can also be exchanged for ice cream instead, and police are given a discount.

Finally, she urged that customers keep their receipts as “there’s always a survey and if you just fill out the survey you can get a free spicy sandwich or a free chicken sandwich”.

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Written by Aimee Walker

Aimee is a Media & Communications graduate from Birmingham City University.