Father-Of-The-Bride Slammed For Walking Daughter Down Aisle While Clutching Beer Bottle

A father-of-the-bride has been slammed for walking his daughter down the aisle whilst clutching onto a bottle of beer, with many saying that it is in bad taste to do so. 

Members of the Facebook group That’s It I’m Wedding Shaming have been left outraged by one of the latest submissions in which the father-of-the-bride is walking his daughter down the aisle, clutching onto a bottle of beer.

However, it wasn’t just the fact that the dad was guzzling beer down throughout the ceremony that people were shaming, it was also the unusual dress code.

Instead of wearing the classic and traditional white bridal gown, the bride shunned this for a full camo ballgown and she wasn’t the only one – her dad, the groom and the groomsmen were also sporting tuxes with camouflage shorts.

Meanwhile, the bridesmaids all dressed up in the same hunting print in the form of a sleeveless style dress.

Credit: Facebook

The Facebook user who decided to shame the wedding captioned the post: “These are pictures from a person I actually know.

“I particularly like the beer in her dad’s hand as he walks her down the aisle.”

The Facebook group That’s It I’m Wedding Shaming has over 54,000 members worldwide and is the largest wedding shaming page on the social media platform.

In the group, members critique everything about a wedding, including the dresses, decorations and of course, the over the top brides who are often dubbed “bridezillas”.

Occasionally, someone will share something that isn’t exactly terrible, but just not to that person’s particular taste.

Credit: Facebook

Although in this case, the opinion was unanimous across fellow group members and many agreed that it wasn’t the most stylish of wedding themes.

People in the group are allowed to post the submissions under certain categories, such as “cringe”, “f**ing yikes” and “tacky family”.

Meanwhile, a bride has shared her story of how she was dumped just a day after getting married due to her mother-in-law who was “jealous” over the relationship. However, the groom’s side of the family has branded this as lies and insist that the family have a “healthy” relationship.

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