Father To Be Has To Have Tongue REMOVED As He Has Rare Cancer

A father to be has received the devastating news that he will have to have his tongue removed after being diagnosed with a rare type of cancer. He is heartbroken knowing his unborn child will never get to hear his voice. 

Sean Finnerty, from Sydney, has been given the heartbreaking prognosis that he will never be able to talk again, as he needs to have his tongue removed due to a rare type of cancer.

The emergency services worker has been diagnosed with adenoid cystic carcinoma, this rare cancer is in the salivary glands. In Australia, the 15-year survival rate of patients is at 40 per cent.

The father to be will have no choice but to have his tongue removed. Next month, he will undergo the life-changing operation which will mean he won’t be able to speak or communicate verbally ever again.

The shocking diagnosis came just months after he and his wife of two years Jess discovered that they were expecting their first child, a baby boy that is due in October.

The operation is the only way to ensure that the cancer has a limited chance of returning. Therefore, Sean will have to make some heartwrenching sacrifices.

For the unforeseeable future after the operation, he will no longer be able to eat solid food. He will also have no choice but to give up his career as a fireman and paramedic. Never again will Sean able to work in either of these professions.

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The couple has had help to organise a GoFundMe page which will help with the massive financial burden that they will now face.

The GoFundMe page states: “By the time their baby boy is born, Sean will have had surgery and radiation to attempt to limit the chance of the cancer returning.

“Sean will miss being able to ever talk to his little boy by a matter of weeks.”

Organiser Luke Rogerson added: “He will need support from his loved ones to get through this and if we could somewhat relieve the financial burden it will help tremendously with the stress he’s already dealing with.

“Sean is one of the most selfless people I have ever met, throughout this whole ordeal he just worries more about how his family is than himself.”

Amazingly, the page was only up for two days when Luke was shocked to see the couple had received over $120,000 in donations. The organiser says he has been left feeling overwhelmed by the amount of generosity he has seen in recent days.

He has since written: “This is incredible, the love and support Sean has received from all of you… I can’t even put the feelings into words.

“Sean and his family are overwhelmed, it’s beautiful to see. So many generous people I can’t even begin to explain how much this will help Sean though this difficult time.”

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