Reality TV Show’s Task Involving Donkeys Was So Disturbing The Episode Never Aired

A Fear Factor task involving donkey 'juice' was so disturbing that the episode never aired.
Credit: NBC

A reality TV show’s task involving donkeys was so disturbing that the episode never aired.

Fear Factor was known for its gross challenges and offered a $50,000 prize to contestants.

The original show initially aired from 2001 to 2006 before being axed.

But in a later reboot of the series, one episode was considered so gross that it could never be broadcast.

Watch the disgusting moment from Fear Factor below…

Reality TV has a history of pushing boundaries and putting contestants through extreme challenges, but there is still a line of decency that probably shouldn’t be crossed.

In 2011, the revival of Fear Factor, hosted by Joe Rogan, went too far with a challenge involving donkey semen and urine.

Yes, you read that correctly.

The controversial episode was titled ‘Hee Haw! Hee Haw!’, and resulted in the show being cancelled once again.

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The episode featured a game of horseshoes, where contestants had to throw a horseshoe close to a pole.

The worse they did, the more donkey semen and urine they had to drink.

The challenge was so extreme that even if contestants got their horseshoes close to the pole, they still had to drink some of the disgusting substances.

Contestants who were put through the sickening challenge described it as the hardest 15 minutes of their lives.

Twins Brynne and Claire Odioso revealed in a 2012 interview that if they vomited, they had to start their drink again.

Joe Rogan on Fear Factor
Fear Factor’s task involving donkeys was so disturbing that the episode never aired. Credit: NBC

One twin even vomited in her glass and had to drink it back down.

The challenge was so terrible that even the cameramen were throwing up while attempting to film the episode.

The clip of the episode is available on YouTube, and people who have seen it have expressed their disgust in the comments, with some saying it was not even a ‘fear’ factor anymore, but rather ‘sickening’.

It was clear to viewers why the episode was never broadcast, and many have claimed they would not have done it – even for a billion dollars.

One person writes: “If this show hadn’t been cancelled, they would have been into bestiality now.”

A second adds: “Imagine doing this and ending up not winning.”

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While a third notes: “No one’s a winner here.”

Joe Rogan himself called it the ‘hardest thing’ he has ever had to watch.

The episode appeared to trigger a moment of realisation for many viewers about the limits of reality TV.

While it should be entertaining, it is essential to remember that contestants are still people and should not be subjected to degrading or harmful challenges.

Fear Factor’s donkey semen and urine challenge definitely went too far and highlighted the need for a line of decency in reality TV.

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