Firefighter Adopts Baby He Found In Safe Haven Box: ‘She Is Very Loved’

A firefighter has adopted a baby he found in a safe haven box while at work.
Credit: CBS News & TODAY

A firefighter has adopted a baby he found in a safe haven box.

The heartwarming adoption story unfolded in Florida, US, and involves the firefighter and his wife, who prefer to be known as Vincent and Katie to maintain their privacy.

The couple recently shared their incredible journey on TODAY, accompanied by their adorable six-month-old daughter, Zoey.

Zoey’s story began in January when she was placed in a Safe Haven Baby Box at the fire station where Vincent was working an overnight shift.

Learn more about the firefighter’s adoption of the baby in the video below…

This innovative device allows individuals to anonymously and safely surrender a child without any questions asked.

Once activated, silent alarms notify emergency responders within the building.

Vincent immediately recognised the distinct sound of the alarm and rushed outside to investigate.

Initially sceptical, he soon realised that the alarm was genuine when he opened the box and found little Zoey wrapped in a pink blanket, gazing up at him.

Instantly captivated, Vincent cradled her in his arms and recalls: “That was it – I was in love with her.”

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Vincent and Katie had longed to become parents for over a decade but had faced significant struggles in their journey to conceive.

As a result, they had already registered to adopt a child in the state of Florida.

Vincent accompanied Zoey to the hospital for a necessary examination and entrusted her to the care of the medical staff, along with a heartfelt handwritten letter.

In the letter, Vincent poured out his and Katie’s desire to adopt the baby and provide her with a loving home.

When Vincent called Katie to share the extraordinary events of that night, her emotions overflowed, and ‘tears of joy’ streamed down her face.

A firefighter has adopted a baby he found in a safe haven box.
The firefighter adopted Zoey after he found her in a safe haven box. Credit: TODAY

However, amidst the excitement, Vincent couldn’t help but worry about the fate of the note he had written.

He said: “I was like, ‘Don’t get too excited yet’,” Vincent recalled while speaking with earlier this month.

“My biggest fear was that the note I wrote wouldn’t stay with Zoey and she’d be gone. It was a very stressful few days.”

Remarkably, within just two days of being found in the Safe Haven Baby Box on January 2, Zoey was welcomed into the loving arms of Vincent and Katie on January 4.

The couple’s adoption of Zoey was officially finalised in April through a poignant Zoom ceremony.

The moment the judge declared them a family was nothing short of extraordinary for Vincent and Katie.

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Having experienced previous disappointments and uncertainties on their adoption journey, the couple was overwhelmed with joy.

They exchanged glances, realising that they were now a family, exclaiming: “We’re a family! Holy guacamole, we’re a family!”

This monumental occasion stood as ‘one of the best days’ of their lives.

Describing Zoey’s adoption story as ‘divine destiny’, Savannah Guthrie, one of the hosts of TODAY, recognised the extraordinary nature of the events.

Vincent agreed, attributing the placement of Zoey in their lives as a result of a higher power’s intervention.

He confessed that he often extends Zoey’s bedtime just so he can cherish their special moments together a little longer, gently rocking her while gazing at her face.

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