‘First Dates’ Star Shares How He ‘Broke His Penis’

A First Dates star has shared how he 'broke his penis' when appearing on the Irish version of the programme.
Credit: RTE via YouTube

A First Dates star has shared how he ‘broke his penis’ when appearing on the Irish version of the programme.

Jordan Kelly, who is a taxi driver, was on a date with Sasha Doran when he opened up about the ordeal, claiming it ‘left him in a bad way,’ as he ‘lost a lot of blood’.

Recalling the incident, he said: “Recently, I broke my penis. Like, it full on broke.

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The First Dates star opened up about the embarrassing incident to his date. Credit: RTE via YouTube

“And I was in hospital. I had to get it glued back together.”

The 24-year-old said he then had to tell his mum about it, adding: “I rang her and told her in grave detail exactly what happened.

“She found it more funny than anything else.”

Describing how it happened, he told his date: “We were doing the thing, we were doing sex, and she decided to pull it the whole way down and she snapped my banjo string.

“It was pretty bad. I was screaming in pain and I lost a lot of blood.

“We had to call an ambulance because I was in a bad way.”

He continued: “The worst thing was my aunt is a paramedic and so I was terrified my aunt was going to have to come and look after me with my broken penis.

“It wasn’t her, thankfully.”

He finished by saying that the doctor told him it was the ‘worst penis break he had ever seen in his life,’ adding: “I had to get it glued back together, had to go for appointments to make sure it was healing properly.

“I thought there would have been scarring but, luckily enough, there’s none.

“I had to wait a good while for it to heal though, and it’s all back to normal, thank God.

“At the time I hated it and didn’t want to know, but nothing really fazes me and it’s something I can laugh about now.”

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