Fish With Human-Like Teeth Has Been Caught By Angler In Malaysia And Has Left People Stunned

An odd-looking fish which was caught by an angler in Malaysia has left people stunned due to its eerily human-like teeth. However, experts have identified the creature and have confirmed that for this species of fish, it’s completely normal.

A fish has been caught by an angler in Malaysia which has a full set of human-like teeth and as people haven’t encountered a fish like it before, it’s left some people baffled.

After it was hooked and shared onto social media, the odd-looking fish soon became an online sensation and some even made some hilarious (if slightly cheeky) memes dedicated to the fish with gnashers.

The reason the image has become so popular is due to the fact people didn’t realise there were species of fish that have strikingly similar sets of teeth to humans.

After the photo was shared onto Twitter, the odd fish was shared thousands of times and people began to speculate its identity and some even questioned whether or not it was real.

To some, it was a great surprise that this is actually a species of fish that is known for being toothy.

According to Rakyat Post, the fish has been identified as a triggerfish – it is pretty common to find in the waters around Malaysia.

There are approximately 40 different species of triggerfish and they can come in all sorts of bright colours; they make their homes in the tropical and subtropical waters.

Typically, the male triggerfishes are known for being territorial and hostile, they will often charge at intruders and even use their teeth to their advantage when it comes to battling crabs and sea urchins, according to the National Geographic.

Despite being confirmed that the fish isn’t fake or an anomaly of its kind, the toothy fish has proved to be an online sensation and Twitter users have even given it hilarious makeovers.

In one version, a person gave the fish a pair of false eyelashes and a manicure.

In other viral news, a woman decided to share her teeth ‘transformation’ and began to trend on social media. However, it turned out that not all was as it seemed as it turned out the TikTok user was playing a prank on her followers.

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