Fitness Model Outraged When Stranger Asks Why She’s Wearing A G-String At Beach

A fitness model was left outraged when a stranger approached her at the beach and asked her why she was wearing a thong bikini. 

Natasha Maree, from Australia, is a popular fitness influencer who is known as @getfitwithnatasha on social media. On her social media accounts, she has slammed a stranger for approaching her at a beach, as she accuses the person of “having a go” at her over wearing a thong bikini.

The fitness model was visiting Adelaide Beach when the incident took place and in the clip shared on social media, can be seen wearing a thong bikini as she stands in a beach shower to wash the sand from her.

Yet Natasha was surprised when she turned around and saw a woman approaching her. The woman had walked up the ramp and went to wash her feet when the two exchanged words.

When the woman then walked away, Natasha’s boyfriend – who was filming – turned to the beachgoer and asked: “You think the G-string is not good. Not a fan?”

The woman then stopped and replied: “It’s great but there are a lot of kids here, a lot of families here and a lot of people are like… dressing like that.

“But thanks for putting me on Facebook.”

Later on, the fitness model wrote a post on TikTok in which she said: “Woman at the end had a go at me for wearing a bikini at the beach. Karen doesn’t want me in a bikini.”

@getfitwithnatashaReply to @ligma20 Karen doesn’t want me in a bikini 🙁 ##MyStyle ##fyp ##foryoupage ##foryou ##xyzbca ##australia ##beach ##summer

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TikTok users were left divided by the viewing and the thoughts were equally divided. While some agreed with Natasha that she can wear whatever she wants, others said it was inappropriate at a family beach.

One user commented: “What she’s wearing is inappropriate, kids at the beach, young boys.”

Another added: “I wouldn’t want to see people in G-string either.”

In response, the fitness model defended her outfit and said people “can choose to look” at her or not.

Fortunately, Natasha also received plenty of supportive messages from her followers too.

A viewer said: “I’ll never get people taking offence to the naked body. “We all have the parts, as long as it’s not sexualising abuse or harassment, who cares.”

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