Five Guys Customer Outraged After Being Charged $74 For Order

A Five Guys customer has been left outraged after being charged $74 for their order Find out more information here...
Credit: Alamy & @retailcheapstake/TikTok

A Five Guys customer has been left outraged after being charged $74 for their order.

The fast-food chain is known for its tasty burgers and its massive portions of fries.

Despite only being founded in the 1980s, it’s established itself as one of the fastest-growing food restaurants.

However, one customer is now blasting the chain after purchasing a surprisingly pricey meal.

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In a TikTok video posted by @retailcheapskate, one mum furiously shares her Five Guys bill.

The order consists of four hamburgers, two fries and four drinks.

However, she was shocked to see her order comes to a whopping $74.

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The video is accompanied by text, that says: “WHEN DID FIVE GUYS BECOME A FIVE STAR RESTAURANT?!

“This is four hamburgers, two fries and drinks.”

The caption also calls Five Guys out for ‘highway robbery’.

The post has now gone viral with 2.9 million views and her followers certainly had a lot to discuss in the comments.

Five Guys $74 order
A Five Guys customer has been left outraged after being charged $74 for their order. Credit: @retailcheapskate/TikTok

One person writes: “We actually had to stop eating there because it is too expensive for our family of four.”

Someone else explains: “The food is pretty good but pricey.”

“Just a burger, small fries and small drink add to over $20. I will never go there again,” adds a third.

Another user writes: “Super greasy and way too expensive. There are better burgers for cheaper.”

Someone else comments: “Everything is getting expensive not just Five Guys.”

A fifth says: “It’s so damn expensive. Can’t take my family either. It’s special occasion food!”

“Most overrated restaurant in a long time,” slams another viewer.

@retailcheapskateFive guys is highway robbery!♬ original sound – retailcheapskate

However, others don’t see an issue with it – since Five Guys are known for being more expensive than your average fast-food chain.

One person explains: “Well burgers start at 10 to 12 each. fries are 5 each min drinks are 3 or 4. it’s always been that way.”

Another says: “It’s not MDdonald’s. Quality costs more and it’s definitely worth it.”

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A third adds: “You got four burgers, one with an extra patty, four drinks and two fries. They GIVE BIG on the fries too. The cost seems right to me.”

Someone else comments: “Five Guys is known to be expensive, yet you still went and complained?”

“So you saw the prices and ordered anyways? Split that 4 ways and it’s $15 a person with tax,” a fifth person says.

Another viewer adds: “Why y’all complaining?

“These burgers are actually worth the price. I don’t mind paying for something that is really good.”

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