Followers Left Shocked When Youthful-Looking Woman Reveals She’s Actually A Grandma

Followers have been left shocked when it turned out a youth-looking and glamorous woman they followed turned out to be a grandma. The gorgeous influencer is living proof that no matter your age, you can still look incredible. 

Earlier this week, Alice Vasquez stunned her followers when she posted a series of sultry selfies, as people couldn’t believe that she was a mum, let alone a grandma.

The influencer, who lives in California, posted an image of herself wearing a lacy pink crop top and people couldn’t help but admire her well-defined cheekbones and smooth, wrinkle-free skin.

Instagram: @sweetalice101

Since sharing, the 41-year-old’s photo has received over 900 likes and many gushed over her. She was branded “gorgeous”, “so hot” and “smouldering” by her fans.

As she has such an age-defying appearance, Alice now has a whopping 32,000 Instagram followers and has become accustomed to people wowing over her good looks.

Instagram: @sweetalice101

Alice told Daily Star Online: “Men, of course, say that I look better than some girls in their 20s…

“I’d say I’m not your average 40-year-old woman.”

When she was just 16, the yoga teacher fell pregnant with her firstborn. Just three years later, she welcomed her second child and similarly to Alice, her kids also became parents young, whilst still in their early 20s.

Instagram: @sweetalice101

Despite Alice being a grandma, she refuses to let it hold her back and has previously told Daily Star that she feels like she’s in the prime of her life.

Instagram: @sweetalice101

She revealed: “My 20s was a blur of young minded wild times and of course consumed by being a young mummy I was always on the go. Non-stop.

“My 30s was knowing myself more than ever. Finding my life’s direction and purpose.

“I became a grandmother and life set sail.”

Similarly, a 51-year-old mum has been getting mistaken for being her daughter’s sister, thanks to her youthful appearance.

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