Footballer Slammed For Dressing As Jeffrey Dahmer For Halloween Despite Warnings

A footballer has been criticised for dressing as Jeffrey Dahmer for Halloween. 
Credit: @jackginnivan/Instagram & Netflix

A footballer has been criticised for dressing as Jeffrey Dahmer for Halloween. 

Jack Ginnivan, 19, plays for Collingwood Football Club in the Australian Football league.

Earlier this week, he took to Instagram and posted a mirror selfie of himself donning a blood-stained T-shirt, blue jeans, and Dahmer’s signature wide-lens glasses. 

Jeffrey Dahmer killed 17 men and boys between 1978 and 1991 and recently, the horrifying details of his crimes were shown in the hit Netflix series, Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story.

While many praised Evan Peter’s portrayal of Dahmer, the programme has received criticism from victims of the families.

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Shirley Hughes, the mother of Tony Hughes, who was deaf and killed by Dahmer back in 1991, has been one of many to condemn the potential Halloween costumes.

“It’s already super triggering to see a hit Netflix series about the serial killer, much less folks dressing like the killer,” she told TMZ.

While she told Metro: “If Netflix hadn’t streamed the show, none of the families would be re-victimised… and then there’d be no Dahmer costumes this year.”

The daughter of Errol Lindsey – who was murdered by Dahmer aged 19 in 1991 – has also said the true crime drama has given her nightmares.

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“Honestly ever since that show’s been on I haven’t been able to sleep,” she told Insider. “I see Jeffrey Dahmer in my sleep.”

In the countdown to Halloween, Olympian star Simone Biles even spoke out and said Dahmer Halloween costumes were not acceptable.

She tweeted: “I’m just gon [sic] go ahead and say it, put the Jeffrey Dahmer costumes back in the closet.

“We ain’t having it!”

Jack Ginnivan as Jeffrey Dahmer.
Jack Ginnivan dressed up as serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer for Halloween, sparking outrage. Credit: @jackginnivan/Instagram

So when Ginnivan took to social media and uploaded the selfie, alongside the caption ‘j.d’, it caused a huge backlash, with him being branded ‘tone-deaf’.

One person said: “That’s so f***ed, this was an actual person who caused trauma and loss and you’re representing that so wrong!”

“Not in good taste. Their families are still grieving,” added a second.

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A third user explained: “For those that think this is good- Just imagine your child or someone in your family was murdered and people dressed up as their killer for Halloween.

“Doesn’t sit right yeah?”

“Bit tone-deaf,” someone else commented.

While a fifth said: “I’m sure the families of the people that he killed won’t be so satisfied with this.”

At the time of writing, Ginnivan has yet to address the comments on his Halloween costume.

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