Bacon Is Best Fry Up Item, According To Brits

Bacon is the best item on a fry up, according to Brits.

A survey, conducted by luxury hoteliers Guoman, asked over 1000 people to vote between the likes of sausages, beans and toast.

74 per cent opted for bacon, while 73 per cent voted sausage and 70 per cent voted beans!

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Most Brits say that bacon is the best part of a fry up. Credit: Pexel

When asked to build their ‘ideal seven-item breakfast,’ Brits chose bacon, sausage, beans, eggs, mushrooms, tomato, and toast.

When it comes to the eggs, two-thirds of people said they preferred to have them fried, with scrambled being the second most popular option.

Although it didn’t make the final seven, just over one-third of people said they’d like their breakfast to be accompanied by a black pudding.

44 per cent said they’d want to see some hash browns on their plate and some even (wrongly) stated they would like a bit of avocado. (Seriously, guys?!)

Like any meal, it’s important to have the right accompaniments with your brekkie.

The nation’s favourite breakfast plate, according to the questionnaire. Credit: Guoman 

However, despite brown sauce being the traditional option, tomato ketchup came out on top.

39 per cent of people said ketchup would be their go-to while only 26 per cent said they’d choose brown.

Unsurprisingly, tea was voted the most popular beverage to wash down the legendary meal.

Featured Image Credit: Pexel

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