Furious Tesco Shopper Rips Coverings Off ‘Non-Essential’ Items In Supermarket After Wales Is Placed In Lockdown

A furious Tesco shopper has shared a video of himself ripping the covers off “non-essential” items in the supermarket after Wales is placed into a fire-break lockdown after an increase in coronavirus cases. 

Gwilym Owen, 28, shared a video of himself onto Facebook in which he is shown to be removing the plastic coverings off items in Tesco’s F&F clothing range, in the Tesco Extra Bangor store on Friday night.

Due to a rise in coronavirus cases, Wales has been placed into a fire-break lockdown. Under the rules placed by the Welsh government, supermarkets are now allowed to sell items such as clothing and electrical goods.

North Wales Lives reported how Gwilym posted a video onto Facebook of himself marching through the supermarket and pulling off the coverings of the items labelled non-essential.

Wearing a black sweatshirt and tracksuit bottoms with black and white trainers, the 28-year-old walks through the store without wearing a mask.

In the video, he can be heard saying “since when has clothes been exempt?”, “kids’ f***ing clothes, it is a disgrace” and “rip the f***ers off!”.

The staff in the store attempted to challenge the man as he ripped off the coverings. However, Gwilym swore at them.

He says: “Since when have clothes been non-essential?”

Before the video ended, the shopper and the person filming was confronted by security staff.

Gwilym took to Facebook and shared the video. He then explained his reaction: “I don’t care about the backlash that I may get from this. We’re heading into winter now and who would have thought clothes for children weren’t essential?”

He added: “I’m sure there are people out there who can barely afford heating in their houses and now they want to stop people buying clothes in supermarkets.

“I don’t expect everyone to do what I’ve done here but I do expect everyone to know that denying the public clothing is nothing but immoral and inhuman.”

Amidst the ongoing coronavirus restrictions that are being put in place, Gwilym has asked the public to “wake up and have a backbone”.

He said: “Things will only get worse if we don’t make any effort in stopping this madness.”

The post continued: “I’m not prepared to live in a society where they can take basic human needs away like being able to buy new clothes, especially for children.”

A spokesperson for Tesco said: “Under new restrictions set out by the Welsh Government, we are currently unable to sell ‘non-essential’ items in our stores.

“Our colleagues have worked hard to put these measures in place and we ask that customers please respect these restrictions.”

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