GB News In Hot Water As Brands Pull Ads Over ‘Anti-Woke’ Content Concerns

GB News is in hot water as brands are pulling their ads from the newly launched news channel over 'anti-woke' content concerns.
Credit: GB News

GB News is in hot water as brands are pulling their adverts from the channel over ‘anti-woke’ content concerns.

The news channel, which has distributed ads for Kopparberg, Ikea and Octopus Energy, has vowed to voice unheard voices and fight against ‘cancel culture’. But in the process, companies are sharing their concerns over whether or not it’s ‘genuinely balanced’ information being distributed.

As a result, companies are suspending ads until the channel has been further reviewed.

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On Twitter, Kopparberg tweeted: “We want to make it clear to everyone that our ad ran on this channel without our knowledge or consent. Kopparberg is a drink for everyone and we have immediately suspended ads from this channel pending further review of its content.”

Ikea also said their ads will be suspended, as some of the themes within the channel aren’t in line with the company’s ‘humanistic values’.

Octopus Energy founder, Greg Jackson, has recently shared a statement too.

He wrote: “When it comes to where we advertise, we have a clear policy: We do not advertise on platforms whose primary purpose is the distribution of hate.”

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Jackson continued: “This is the first time we have seen the launch of a news TV channel, and it’s clear that we need a way to handle this circumstance. From now on, we are asking networks not to air our ads on news channels until we’ve seen their output for a period of time, and can be sure they’re not breaching our policy.

“As such, we’re not currently running ads on GB News. We will monitor it, and only advertise if it proves to be genuinely balanced.”

In response to the allegations, GB New’s Chairman, Andrew Neil has shared a response on the channel’s official website.

The journalist penned: “Not a single example of hate has been given in evidence for this boycott, so this programme offers a standing invitation to the boss of any company that thinks to the contrary… our studio door is always open.”

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