Gender Reveal Disaster As Mum To Be Struck In Face With A Baseball Bat

A gender reveal party ended up being an absolute disaster when the mum to be was struck in the face with a baseball bat by her husband. 

A video went viral late last week on Twitter, in which a mum to be was struck in the face with a baseball bat at her gender reveal party – by her husband!

Credit: Twitter

The clip was recorded by one of the guests and showed everyone gathered on the back garden porch as they waited to discover whether the couple was expecting a baby boy or girl.

At first, the footage is cheerful and exciting as the soon to be father begins counting as he prepares to whack the baseball off a batting tee as his wife stands by his side.

As he prepares, he begins to count down and suddenly, he strikes the ball and blue smoke explodes out, revealing they will be having a baby boy!

Credit: Twitter

For a moment, all that can be heard is everyone cheering as they revel over the couple having a son.

However, the excitement quickly dies down when the guests are shocked to discover that the baby’s father has accidentally smacked his wife in the face with the bat as he went to swing it.

One person wailed: “Oh my god!”

The clip is then stopped as the expectant mother covers her face with her hands.

It is believed that she has not been seriously injured, despite the excruciating footage showing it smack her right in the face.

Since being shared, the footage has amassed over one million views with many criticising the couple for not taking precautions during their gender reveal stunt.

Credit: Twitter

One person commented: “Why was she standing so close? This isn’t even about Social Distancing. This is about common sense.”

Another quipped: “Knock her up and knock her out!”

Whilst one questioned: “Why was she standing there? Has she never watched baseball?”

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