Genius Mum Uses Ice Cube Trays To Create Yummy Banana Bread Bites!

A genius mum has taken a twist on making the classic treat of banana bread, as she’s cleverly used ice cube trays to make bite versions that can be whipped up in just 15 minutes. 

An Australian mum has shared her novice tip online, after baking an array of perfectly golden bites of banana bread. She says by preparing them in ice cube trays, they make the ideal size to have a little nibble on.

Typically, you would normally prepare banana bread in a cake tin or alternatively, muffin trays. However, the genius mum attempted to use a unique cooking method and it certainly paid off by the look of the images she shared onto Facebook.

The teacher used silicone ice trays that she then filled with the homemade mixture. She said in the post that she picked them up from her local bargain store and added that she thinks they make it so much easier for her to create snack-sized bites that are easy to take with her to work.

Sharing the hack online, the woman captioned the post: “So I did a hack I’ve seen on here before and used the silicone ice cube trays to make banana bread bites. They worked out perfectly.

“The perfect little snack when I’m at school marking work or making resources.”

Credit: Facebook

The mum claims that she followed the typical banana bread recipe – there are many variations but most consist of mashed ripe bananas, vanilla extract, eggs, flour, sugar and milk.

Like you would when using a baking tray, the mum then sprayed each of the silicone moulds with a cooking spray. If you don’t have any cooking spray available, you can also use butter or coconut oil and will receive the same results.

Following this, she spooned the mixtures into the moulds. Ideally, place just two spoonfuls in each mould as the self-raising flour will rise it higher.

She said: “I put two teaspoons of mixture in each hole because I used self raising flour to make room for them to rise.

“The recipe asked for 50 minutes but using these trays it took only 15 minutes to cook.”

Unsurprisingly, the recipe proved a massive hit amongst other parents and many shared their attempts at the smart hack.

Credit: Facebook

One person wrote: “Yum these remind me of the banana and choc chip muffin bites I used to eat as a kid.”

Another added: “So many uses for these! I make a chopped veggie mix for my birds and bulk freeze them in these, perfect sized portions.”

Meanwhile, a third joked: “So we’re not meant to eat the whole loaf.”

As the teacher was so chuffed by her own recipe hack, she shared that she would be attempting to try it with brownies too.

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