‘Gents’ And ‘Ladies’ Toilets Will Be Compulsory In All Public Buildings In UK

‘Gents’ and ‘Ladies’ toilets will now be compulsory in all public buildings.
‘Gents’ and ‘Ladies’ toilets will now be compulsory in all public buildings. Credit: Unsplash

‘Gents’ and ‘Ladies’ toilets will now be compulsory in all public buildings in the UK. 

Communities Secretary Robert Jenrick will be rewriting the regulations and it will apply to offices, shops, entertainment venues, and hospitals.

A source close to Jenrick told The Telegraph: “’It’s a necessity for women to have access to their own provision of toilets, but too often separate sex toilets are being removed by stealth – causing great distress.  

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Gender-neutral toilets
Unisex toilets now need to install partitions. Credit: Pexel

“We’ve listened to the concerns raised by women and the elderly about their security, dignity, and safety and are going to maintain and improve safeguards by updating regulations in order to ensure that there is always the necessary provision of separate toilets for everyone in the community.

“These changes will help to maintain safeguards that protect women and the proper provision of separate toilets, which has long been a regulatory requirement, will be retained and improved. We recognise there needs to be a public service provision for everyone in our community, and want to help to deliver on that objective.”

The plans have been met with a mixed response on social media. 

One person wrote on Twitter: “What about us non-binary people? Where do we go?”

However, others have praised it.

“Great. I have two daughters and they don’t want some man coming into their toilet,” one person wrote. 

Another added: “At last, common sense prevails. A long time coming but worth the wait!

“Let us hope this is the beginning of the ‘pendulum’ taking up a central position, after the past 3-4 years of PC, woke, fluid etc. Locked cubicles in both cater for everyone, so one needs to feel left out.”

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