Girl, 5, Took Her Neighbour’s Pizza Delivery And Was Gutted When Forced To Hand It Back

A five-year-old girl answered the door whilst her mum was in the bath and accepted her neighbour’s pizza delivery. She was left absolutely heartbroken when she was told she had to do the right thing and hand it back. 

During the coronavirus lockdown, there are not many things that get people excited. However, hearing someone mutter the magic word “takeaway” can certainly put a smile on most peoples’ faces.

So, when five-year-old Darci opened the door whilst her mum was oblivious in the bath, she was delighted to find a takeaway man with pizza and chips. Innocently, she assumed her mum had ordered a takeaway as a surprise.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case and Darci was left devastated when her mum realised there had been a mix-up and told her little girl they would have to take it back to the takeaway man.

As reported by Glasglow Live, Darci’s reaction was priceless as her mum Nadia managed to catch it on camera. The food delivery had meant to be for a neighbour in Hamilton, Scotland.

In the hilarious clip, the youngster proudly walks in the room carrying the pizza and chips as her mum sits, struggling to contain her laughter.

She says to Darci: “What have you got? That’s not ours, go and tell the man that’s not ours.”

Once it sinks in, Darci’s face drops and she heads back to return the fast food. Since being shared on Twitter, the post has already received 521,000 views.

Nadia captioned the video: “Darci answered the door when I was in the bath and took in someone else’s pizza and chips.”

She added: “She was gutted, she thought I’d surprised her! She’d bloody only just had her dinner as well.”

Since Darci has become an internet sensation she’s reacted rather well, Darci’s mum told the Glasgow Live:  “She’s always wanted to be famous but I doubt it was for trying to steal pizza.”

Regardless, people absolutely adored the clip and thought it was so sweet.

One wrote: “Aww the sheer disappointment on her face.”

Whilst another said: “My face would look like that too if I had to give it back.”

Meanwhile, a third commented: “Her face and the fact she doesn’t say a word hahaha.”

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