Girl Pregnant At 13 Reveals Baby’s Gender With Her 10-Year-Old Boyfriend

A girl who became pregnant at 13-years-old has decided to reveal her baby’s gender in a post on social media, as she has now become a social media celebrity in Russia. 

Darya, now 14, appeared on a Russian TV show earlier this year and shared details about her relationship with a 10-year-old boy, Ivan.

The children claim that they instantly fell in love and have now known each other a year.

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Speaking on TV, Darya said: “A friend of mine introduced us and two days later we started dating.

“Ivan said he was in love with me. We tried to spend as much time together as we could.

“We like walking down the streets holding hands and kissing.”

Shockingly, the teenage girl was adamant that Ivan was the father of her child. This was despite scientists questioning the plausibility of this being true. It was hard to comprehend how the young boy could have fathered the unborn tot as at his age, his sperm would be under-developed.

Regardless, Darya has been insistent he is the father and said that it was Ivan’s idea to have sex after they locked themselves in his room.

Instagram: @uverdig_ivv

She said: “I did not think that aged 10 he can do such things… I thought that nothing would happen.”

When they first started dating, Darya said that Ivan was incredibly romantic and even brought her flowers.

She explained: “It was Vanya’s idea to have sex, but I did not mind.

“He closed the door leaving the key in the lock, so his mum could not open the door.

“It was scary a bit, that it would be painful.

“It was just a little – and then everything was normal.

“It was a bit shameful, we were just hiding under the blanket.”

Instagram: @uverdig_ivv

Darya’s mum Elena said: “She confessed that she was with Ivan…and had a good time once.

“I cannot understand how this could be? Just wake me up, I cannot believe it.”

Reportedly, Elena has terminal cancer but has stated she is determined to overcome it in order to be there for her pregnant daughter. She claims this gives her “a reason to live” now.

Dr Evgeny Grekow, a urology and andrology expert, told viewers of the TV show that there had to be a mistake over who was the father as he had examined Ivan.

On camera, Dr Grekov said: “We rechecked the laboratory results three times so there cannot be any mistake.

“There cannot be sperm cells, he is still a child.”

In spite of scientific evidence supporting the fact Ivan couldn’t possibly be the father, Ivan’s own mum said that she believed her son and suggested he simply didn’t “realise what happened”.

She said: “I believe my son, that he is the father.

“I understand that he himself maybe doesn’t realise what happened.”

Instagram: @uverdig_ivv

However, most recent reports in Russia claim that the ‘real dad’ is a 15-year-old boy. After suspicion grew that he was the true father of the schoolgirl’s unborn child, he was put on “house arrest”.

Pro-Kremlin newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda has stated that Darya’s family reported the boy to the police.

Elena said: “Initially, we thought she had food poisoning, but slowly we started to realise that whatever was happening had nothing to do with her belly. We then bought a pregnancy test and it showed up positive.”

Despite her daughter’s young age, her mum had never thought of abortion as an option and added that if she was to go through with one, there would be the worrying issue as to whether or not she’d be able to have children again later on in life.

In the Krasnoyarsk region of Siberia, the age of consent is 16. Although it has been widely circulated who the actual father is, Russia’s investigative committee has yet to comment.

Instagram: @uverdig_ivv

Although the evidence is against Ivan being the dad, he appears to be constantly by Darya’s side throughout the pregnancy and was there for the gender reveal.

In an Instagram post, Darya is shown standing beside Ivan as he pops the balloon, revealing she is going to have a baby girl.

She had captioned the post: “Who will the boy or girl be? Watching?”

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Darya has since confirmed that the baby will be called Carolina.

With her newfound fame, the mum to be has decided to make the most of her social media accounts and is working on being an ‘influencer’ so she can monetise her pages. She is willing to work with famous brands and sponsors.

The schoolgirl is hashtagging her posts ‘Pregnant at 13’.

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