‘GMB’s’ Weather Woman Suffers ‘Hilarious’ Skirt Mishap On Rollercoaster

Laura Tobin suffers skirt mishap on rollercoaster.
Credit: ITV

Good Morning Britain’s weather woman suffered a ‘hilarious’ skirt mishap on a rollercoaster during Friday’s episode of the daytime show. 

Laura Tobin headed to Thorpe Park for a special segment about its new ride and, at first, everything seemed fine. In fact, she even screamed out how she ‘loved’ her job.

However, seconds later, GMB’s host Kate Garraway, who was back in the studio, could be heard gasping: “Oh my God!”

Watch the moment Laura Tobin suffered the ‘hilarious’ skirt mishap in the clip below… 

Viewers could then see that the weather woman’s skirt had blown all the way up and she was forced to push it back down with her hands.

Tobin then remarked: “Oh my God I should have worn leggings!”

Garraway looked over at Ben Shepherd and quipped: “Do you think she thought through the skirt?”

To which he said: “No, it looks quite uncomfortable.”

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Laura Tobin suffers skirt mishap on rollercoaster.
GMB’s weather woman suffered a ‘hilarious’ skirt mishap on the daytime show. Credit: ITV

All the while, Tobin was still on the ride and could be heard screaming.

Confused, Garraway commented: “I can’t work out if those are genuine giggles or hysteria!”

After watching the mishap, many viewers took to social media and shared their thoughts on the funny scene.

One person said: “Laura Tobin doing the weather on #GMB lol. She’s so funny, I love her! She’s always sweet and always in cool places but today was the best. Too funny watching her on the rollercoaster lol.”

Another added: “Laura protecting her virtue [laugh emojis].”

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