‘Gogglebox’ Viewers Demand Ban On ‘Traumatising’ Show

Gogglebox viewers are demanding a ban on the 'traumatising' new nature show, Animal. 
Credit: Channel 4

Gogglebox viewers are demanding a ban on the ‘traumatising’ new nature show, Animal

Regulars, including the Malone family, were seen watching the Netflix documentary on last Friday’s episode of the Channel 4 programme, but many viewers found it ‘too graphic’.

One heartbreaking scene showed a kangaroo mother losing her joey, moments before she was attacked by a herd of ravenous dingos.

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Gogglebox viewers are demanding a ban on the ‘traumatising’ new Netflix nature documentary series, Animal. Credit: Channel 4

Many viewers said this particular scene was ‘awful’ and shouldn’t have been aired on the family show.

Taking to Twitter, one person commented: “I don’t care if it gets entertaining reactions, stop showing really upsetting nature documentaries of poor animals being killed.”

Another added: “The nature programmes that they show are literally traumatising.”

“Honestly #Gogglebox, why every week do you bloody insist on showing these bloody nature programmes. Every week I have to switch off!” a third fumed.

However, some people have defended the decision and argued that people need to ‘start facing life’.

One viewer tweeted: “The Gogglebox kangaroo episode is a perfect indication of the complete loss of resilience, as well as the lack of acceptance of how death is an inescapable fact of nature. Those calling for these nature programmes to be banned need to grow up and start facing life.”

Pitching in, a second said: “Offended by the reality of nature… Is there anything left to be offended by? The weather?

“I agree that the Gogglebox crowd shouldn’t be forced to watch everything, but they do know what they sign up to!”

“Snowflakes, it’s simply nature,” another simply said.

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