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Gordon Ramsay Fans Slam Portion Size Of Lamb Dish At Michelin Star Restaurant

Gordon Ramsay slammed over lamb dish
Credit: @gordongram/@petrusbygordonramsay/Instagram

Gordon Ramsay fans have called out the portion size of a lamb dish at his Michelin star restaurant, Petrus. 

The celebrity chef, who was recently slammed over his £56 Sunday roast, shared a photo of the lamb dish on social media. 

He captioned the post: “Herdwick lamb, morels, wild garlic, young peas, marjoram at @PetrusByGordonRamsay…. simply stunning!!”

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Fans are calling out Gordon Ramsay over the portion size of his lamb dish on the £120-a-head menu at his Michelin star restaurant, Petrus. Credit: @petrusbygordonramsay/Instagram

But followers weren’t impressed by his latest creation and said that for a £120-a-head menu, they’d expect more on their plate. 

One asked: “Why is the plate so empty?”

Another pitched in, commenting: “Nice, but where’s the main dish?”

“Where is the rest of it?” a third questioned.

However, one fan jumped to the 54-year-old’s defense and responded: “It’s probably a part of his tasting menu. You’ll get around seven or eight of these dishes that will fill you up nicely.”

Watch Gordan Ramsay hilariously reacts to TikTok cooking videos below… 

This isn’t the first time that the Hell’s Kitchen star has received backlash over dishes at his restaurants. 

Recently, Ramsay was mocked for his ‘overpriced’ £19 fry up.

The high-end restaurant’s take on an English breakfast includes two eggs, two sausages, a few strips of bacon, one tomato and one mushroom. But to diners’ horror, it would cost an extra fiver just to add an extra sausage to the breakfast. 

Outraged, one person wrote: “Underwhelming. Definitely not on the amazing continuum.

“One sausage scrap of bacon. Looks like poor value to me.”

Another joined in, adding: “Can’t wait for you to try it!!!!! Are the sides £5 each or is that for all of them????

“Who is mug enough to pay a fiver for one sausage??? Get a grip GR.”

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