Gordon Ramsay Makes Dig At ‘Whingeing’ Locals As He Praises Generous Neighbour

Gordon Ramsay appears to have taken a cheeky dig at his Cornwall neighbours after he faced criticism for going into coronavirus lockdown at his holiday home. 

Last week, the celebrity chef faced a backlash from locals when he moved his family from their home in London to their holiday home in Cornwall following the coronavirus quarantine.

Residents revealed their fury when Ramsay took his family to the family home in Cornwall during the lockdown and claimed they were ‘hurt’ by his decision. Before this point, Gordon had always regarded the beachfront property as his true ‘family home’, rather than his London pad.

According to numerous reports, neighbours have been posting messages that are targetted at Ramsay for leaving London with his family during the pandemic.

Instagram: @gordongram

The Sun reported that the annoyed residents slammed the celebrity chef in a private Facebook group.

One of the people in the group stated Gordon is an “arrogant second homer immune from the virus and any rules”.

A friend of Ramsay’s family hit back at the criticism, calling it a “hurtful and unnecessary campaign”, as the Ramsay family are known to spend lots of time in Cornwall.

The source told Metro: “The family see Cornwall as their family home when the kids are back from uni and Gordon back from filming around the world.

“It’s where they spend all their family time together, they’ve been spending time there for 10 years and Jack actually lives in the house there full time too.

They added: “Most of their neighbours are so welcoming and they love being part of the community.

“They’ve been following the government advice, along with the rest of the country, since they arrived on 20 March and the campaign against them is hurtful and unnecessary at a time when we should all be coming together and supporting each other.”

However, it appears not all residents have been so unwelcoming. Gordon shared a clip on his Instagram stories that shows the Hell’s Kitchen star showing off a bundle of asparagus which had been dropped off “from across the field”.

Instagram: @gordongram

In the post, Gordon is heard saying: “Now what a lovely, beautiful, generous little gift. A little gift from the fields across your house.”

He continued: “C’mon, seriously, that’s literally growing in the back of my garden.

“Now that’s what I call love thy neighbour, see? That’s how you look after each other across these difficult times. There you go.”

He then went on to reference the tension between himself and the locals near his home, adding:  “I’m sure one local will whinge about the asparagus. God bless you.”

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