Gordon Ramsay Mocked For ‘Overpriced’ Fry Up

Gordon Ramsay is now being mocked for his 'overpriced' fry up, served at his Savoy Grill restaurant. 
Credit: @gordongram/Instagram

Gordon Ramsay, who has previously been slammed for serving ‘runny gravy,’ is now being mocked for his ‘overpriced’ fry up, served at his Savoy Grill restaurant. 

The celebrity chef showed off the £19 breakfast on Instagram, writing: “The most amazing Full English….can’t wait for you to try it from 21st September at Savoy Grill!”

The high-end restaurant’s take on the dish will include two eggs, two sausages, a few strips of bacon, one tomato and one mushroom.

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Gordon Ramsay’s new fry up has been dubbed ‘overpriced’. Credit: @gordongram/Instagram

However, if people want an extra sausage, they have to be willing to cough up an extra fiver.

Many people shared their thoughts on the meal in the comments.

One follower said: “Can’t wait for you to try it! Are the sides £5 each or is that for all of them?

“Who is mug enough to pay a fiver for one sausage? Get a grip GR.”

Another added: “One sausage and scrap of bacon? Looks like poor value to me.”

“Underwhelming. Definitely not on the amazing continuum,” a third wrote.

Unfortunately for Ramsay, this isn’t the only frustrating thing to happen for him this week.

He’s also been accused of ‘stealing’ Australian chef Mitch Orr’s signature recipes.

It all started when the Hell’s Kitchen star shared a video of himself preparing a Vietnamese braised pork, served up with egg yolk.

Although many people told the chef it looked delicious, Orr popped up and commented: “Looks familiar mate.”

Later on, the Aussie chef elaborated on the remark and explained that it is ‘standard etiquette’ for chefs ‘to give credit where credit is due’.

He told Emerald City: “Gordon is one of the biggest chefs in the world with over nine million followers on social media – the right thing to do is to credit where the inspiration for the dish came from.”

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Written by Aimee Walker

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