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Gordon Ramsay’s Reactions To Vegan Dishes On TikTok Are Epic

Watching Gordon Ramsay get really angry at vegan dishes on TikTok is one of life's sweet pleasures.
Credit: @gordonramsayofficial/TikTok

Watching Gordon Ramsay get really angry at vegan dishes on TikTok is one of life’s sweet pleasures.

Recently, the celebrity chef, who is known for his no-holds-barred persona, lost it when he came across a vegan cucumber wellington on the platform.

He said the dish was an ‘insult’ and instructed the guy who made it to head back to culinary school.

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Gordon Ramsay roasted the chef’s vegan cucumber wellington. Credit: @gordonramsayofficial/TikTok

In the clip, he shouts: “WHAT?! How do you insult wellington?!

“Oh kid you need to get back to the vegan teacher’s classroom, you doughnut!”

In the original clip, the cook prepared the cucumber with a mushroom paste and lettuce leaves. To the Hell’s Kitchen star’s horror, it happened to be completely raw.

Now, you don’t have to be a top-notch chef to know that if’s raw, it will water down the rest of the dish. It’ll then result in a rather mushed-up meal. Gross.

Agreeing with the famous chef, one person commented: “Even as a vegetarian I found this embarrassing.”

Another added: “Did he really just cook a cucumber? I love cucumbers, but no.”

@gordonramsayofficial##duet with @thenottychef Someone needs a lesson from @thatveganteacher 🤦‍♂️ ##ramsayreacts ##veganteacher ##tiktokcooks♬ Vivid – City Girl

Others commented on how much they love Ramsay’s reactions to videos like this.

Recently, the chef poked fun at TikTok star ‘That Vegan Teacher’ when she wrote him a song about how eating meat is wrong.

As well as branding her a ‘vegan doughnut,’ he shared a video of himself tucking into a juicy beef burger, simply to annoy her.

Never change, Gordon.

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