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‘Gorilla Glue Girl’ Is Launching A Haircare Range

‘Gorilla Glue Girl’ is launching a haircare range after becoming inspired by her own hairstyling disaster. 
Credit: @im_d_ollady/Instagram

‘Gorilla Glue Girl’ is launching a haircare range after becoming inspired by her viral disaster. 

Tessica Brown, from Louisiana, has set up her business under the moniker Forever Hair and she’s hoping that her products will help people who are suffering from hair loss and damage, reports TMZ

Currently, the 40-year-old is offering a hairspray which costs $14, sleek edge control for $13 and, $18 hair growth drops.

Watch what happened when Tessica Brown put Gorilla Glue on her hair…

Tessica promises that her range of products can be washed out safely, without the need for medical intervention.

Earlier this year, the mum-of-five went viral when she substituted Gorilla Glue Spray Adhesive for hairspray. For a whole month, she lived in constant discomfort as she was unable to remove the chemical from her hair.

Originally, Tessica sought the help of her local hospital and was told to apply some acetone. However, this resulted in a scalp burn.

Luckily, an LA Dr, named Michael Obeng, stepped in and offered to see what he could do for free.

Tessica then had to crowdfund to make the trip and cover the cost of her previous medical bills.

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Dr Michael Obeng offered to sort Tessica’s hair for free. Credit: @im_d_ollady/Instagram

To separate the matted hair, Dr Obeng used a mix of medical-grade adhesive remover (MGD), aloe vera, olive oil and acetone. After applying the mixture to Tessica’s hair, the surgeon used medical scissors and tweezers to cut away at the glue.

Once the mum’s hair was saved, she took to Instagram and wrote: “Words cannot even explain how I feel about @drmichaelkobeng you really gave me my life back and I am forever grateful.”

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