Gran Recoils From ‘Ugly Baby’ Not Realising She’s ‘FaceTiming The Parents’

A hilarious yet awkward moment has been caught on camera when a grandson decided to try and trick his grandma into believing she was FaceTiming the parents of someone’s baby she had just recoiled at. 

Stewart McGonigle decided to prank his grandma by showing her a newborn on his phone whilst she was cleaning the kitchen.

In the video, Stewart walks over to his gran and asks her to look at the “photo” of the newborn.

He says: “Oh nan look, Annie had a wean.”

The gran then peers over at the photo and it is clear that she is grimacing at the “photo” of the baby. She then pulls a face and says: “Did she? Oh god!”

The grandson then tells his gran that her reaction to the baby had been seen (and heard) by the parents.

The gran immediately changes her reaction to the baby, absolutely mortified that she had no idea.

She says: “She’s a nice wee wean isn’t she?”

Prankster Stewart then responds by saying “she” is actually a boy.

Having had enough of being embarrassed, the gran then asks her grandson to take his phone away from her.

She says: “Aye she’s…I’m doing something Stewart take it away.”

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The clip has since been viewed thousands of times by TikTok users and has received over 24,000 likes.

One person commented: “I’m a midwife and this is absolutely hilarious.”

Another wrote: “I think I’ve watched this 20 times and I am howling.”

The ‘Ugly Baby Prank’ has become a popular trend on the video app in recent weeks, as it involves showing a family member or friend a picture of an “ugly baby” and then telling them it belongs to someone close in their life to create one incredibly awkward moment.

Hundreds of people have taken part in the challenge, much to the amusement of others.

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