M&M’s Redesign Green Sweet’s ‘Identity’ To Be More ‘Inclusive’

M&Ms Change Green Sweet's Identity To Be More 'Inclusive'
Credit: @mmschocolate/Instagram & @mmschocolate/Twitter

M&M’s has redesigned its green sweet’s ‘identity’ to be more ‘inclusive’. 

The chocolate, which has previously been known for wearing boots, heavy makeup and speaking in a ‘seductive’ voice, will now have a more ‘natural’ look by wearing less makeup and trainers.

Its makeover was announced on social media, alongside the caption: “Did my shoes really break the internet?” 

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Green M&M's
M&M’s has redesigned its green sweet’s ‘identity’ to be more ‘inclusive’. Credit: @mmschocolate/Instagram

Twitter users were divided in their response, with many blasting the new approach.

One commented: “Making the green M&M’s less hot is what will finally drive me to the intellectual dark web.” 

Another asked: “No cause how is making a girly give up her cute boots female empowerment?”

Pitching in, a parent wrote: “No more M&M’s for me or the kids. It’s a shame what is happening now. who needs M&M’s?

“Companies are willing to lose a lot for a few people. Not worth it but to them, it must be. Such a shame. There is nothing wrong with the current characters of M&M’s.”

Larissa Murray, who has voiced the character for years, has opened up about the move in an interview with TMZ.

She told the outlet: “With these changes that they’re making with the M&M’s and the green M&M in particular, I think you can be everything. 

“You can wear trainers, you can be a bit boyish. You can be non-binary and still considered sexy. 

“I think, basically, we are a bit more woke nowadays than we were 10 or 20 years ago, and I think that we have to embrace it.” 

She added: “I think it’s a good thing, everybody is having to be a little bit more open-minded nowadays. Change is a good thing, M&M’s being more inclusive is the way forward.” 

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