Greggs Employee Quit Job To ‘Open The Gates Of Hell Six Times A Day’

A former Greggs employee has appeared on This Morning and claimed they quit their job in order to ‘open the gates of hell six times a day’.
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A Greggs employee quit her job to ‘open the gates of hell six times a day’.

The bakery chain is a staple of British culture.

From serving pasties to launching its own fashion brand, Greggs is almost everywhere nowadays.

However, one former employee had enough of serving sausage rolls and switched careers to something much more unusual.

Check out this former Greggs employee discuss her career change on This Morning below…

Demonologist Kelly Angel appeared on This Morning to chat with Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby about her drastic career change.

Her new job involves her going into houses that have suspected paranormal activity and dealing with them.

Angel explains that a demon is a fallen angel and that everyone is ‘assigned a Guardian Angel’.

She then revealed to the hosts that she opens the gates of hell about ‘five or six times a day’.

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The ghost hunter explains: “My job is to go in. What we do is collect it all and bring it back to my house.”

“When I go home I open the gates of hell and take the dark energy over.

“It’s pretty normal for me. Demons, we keep contained. I open the gates of hell and then take them down.”

Kelly Angel
Kelly Angel quit her job at Greggs to be a demonologist – someone who goes into other people’s houses to investigate and capture any suspicious paranormal activity. Credit: ITV

The hosts were surprised that the former Greggs employee would take demons back to her house, which prompted them to ask if she has any neighbours, to which Angel responded ‘yes’.

 Schofield then asked the demonologist if she was worried about demons coming.

“They come back all the time,” states Angel.

Willoughby then asked if she ever gets scared after having bad experiences with demons – including being thrown across the room and having demons latch onto her.

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Angel explains: “It’s serious, really serious stuff.

“When you’ve got attachments, I mean the objective of a demon is to take you out because as soon as it takes your life, it can drag your soul down.”

To protect herself, she keeps crystals in her pockets and carries a pendulum – a weight that is attached to the bottom of a chain.

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The demonologist also uses her platform to warn viewers not to use Ouija boards – since they bring evil spirits back into the world.

She describes them as ‘the most dangerous tool you could use’.

Viewers have taken to social media to discuss Angel’s new job.

One person writes: “No to be honest, I think I’d prefer the demonologist position.”

“I thought the gates of hell was the front door of Greggs,” jokes someone else.

A third comments: “So she’s gone from working in heaven to working in hell. Quite a career change that.”

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